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Official Kali Linux Docker Images | Kali Linux Documentation

Kali provides official Kali Docker images that are updated once a week on Docker Hub. You can thus easily build your own Kali containers on top of those that we provide. We offer various images to try and suit your needs, all with a different variation of




 도커의 설치는 docker pull 로 이미지를 먼저 내려 받는다.

host$ docker pull docker.io/kalilinux/kali-rolling

컨테이너의 shell 접속하기

host$ docker run --tty --interactive kalilinux/kali-rolling

최초 설치 될 경우 Kali Linux의 기본 패키지가 함께 제공되지 않기 때문에 설치를 해야 한다.

docker# sudo apt full-upgrade -y
docker# sudo apt install -y kali-linux-default. 혹은 kali-linux-headless 

기본 설치가 완료 되었다면 아래 목록에서 원하는 패키지를 설치 한다. 나는 먼저 정보 수집 툴을 설치해 보겠다.

docker# apt install kali-tools-information-gathering

설치 하고자 하는 패키지는 아래를 참고한다.


  • kali-linux-core: Base Kali Linux System – core items that are always included
  • kali-linux-headless: Default install that doesn’t require GUI
  • kali-linux-default: “Default” desktop (amd64/i386) images include these tools
  • kali-linux-arm: All tools suitable for ARM devices
  • kali-linux-nethunter: Tools used as part of Kali NetHunter

Desktop environments/Window managers

  • kali-desktop-core: Any key tools required for a GUI image
  • kali-desktop-e17: Enlightenment (WM)
  • kali-desktop-gnome: GNOME (DE)
  • kali-desktop-i3: i3 (WM)
  • kali-desktop-kde: KDE (DE)
  • kali-desktop-lxde: LXDE (WM)
  • kali-desktop-mate: MATE (DE)
  • kali-desktop-xfce: Xfce (WM)


  • kali-tools-gpu: Tools which benefit from having access to GPU hardware
  • kali-tools-hardware: Hardware hacking tools
  • kali-tools-crypto-stego: Tools based around Cryptography & Steganography
  • kali-tools-fuzzing: For fuzzing protocols
  • kali-tools-802-11: 802.11 (Commonly known as “Wi-Fi”)
  • kali-tools-bluetooth: For targeting Bluetooth devices
  • kali-tools-rfid: Radio-Frequency IDentification tools
  • kali-tools-sdr: Software-Defined Radio tools
  • kali-tools-voip: Voice over IP tools
  • kali-tools-windows-resources: Any resources which can be executed on a Windows hosts
  • kali-linux-labs: Environments for learning and practising on
  • kali-tools-information-gathering: Used for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) & information gathering
  • kali-tools-vulnerability: Vulnerability assessments tools
  • kali-tools-web: Designed doing web applications attacks
  • kali-tools-database: Based around any database attacks
  • kali-tools-passwords: Helpful for password cracking attacks – Online & offline
  • kali-tools-wireless: All tools based around Wireless protocols – 802.11, Bluetooth, RFID & SDR
  • kali-tools-reverse-engineering: For reverse engineering binaries
  • kali-tools-exploitation: Commonly used for doing exploitation
  • kali-tools-social-engineering: Aimed for doing social engineering techniques
  • kali-tools-sniffing-spoofing: Any tools meant for sniffing & spoofing
  • kali-tools-post-exploitation: Techniques for post exploitation stage
  • kali-tools-forensics: Forensic tools – Live & Offline
  • kali-tools-reporting: Reporting tools


  • kali-linux-large: Our previous default tools for amd64/i386 images
  • kali-linux-everything: Every metapackage and tool listed here
  • kali-desktop-live: Used during a live session when booted from the image


설치와 사용을 완료 하였다면 exit 로 나오면 된다.


설치를 하고 나서 exit 로 나온 이후에 다시 접속 하고자 할 경우 "docker run --tty --interactive kalilinux/kali-rolling" 명령어로 접속할 경우 새로운 kali-rolling 컨테이너가 뜨고 이전에 설치한 컨테이너는 사용이 불가능 하다. 이전에 설치한 도커 컨테이너를 이용하고자 하는 경우 아래와 같이 사용한다.

kali@kali:~$ docker container list --all
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                    COMMAND       CREATED         STATUS                          PORTS     NAMES
d36922fa21e8   kalilinux/kali-rolling   "/bin/bash"   2 minutes ago   Exited (0) About a minute ago             lucid_heyrovsky
kali@kali:~$ docker start d36922fa21e8
kali@kali:~$ docker attach d36922fa21e8

  위와 같이 할 경우 이전에 접속하였던 도커 컨테이너에 그대로 접속하여 설치된 명령어의 사용이 가능하다.
  실제 Kali의 명령어들은 아래를 참고한다.



Kali Tools | Kali Linux Tools

Home of Kali Linux, an Advanced Penetration Testing Linux distribution used for Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking and network security assessments.




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